Thursday, May 30, 2013

The reflection of a Queen

Every woman likes to be a dolled up Queen; right? From high heels, to eye shadows, to the color of their nails. We all loved getting dolled up and looking like a Queen for that special occasion. Some want the ultimate compliment after the process and others just want the satisfaction of  knowing we look like a Queen for a day.

 I tend to think getting dolled up means becoming the ultimate  Queen. I was raised  that Beauty is in the eye of the King who sees his Queen from a distance. It doesn't matter the color of her hair, how high are the heels, or what name brand she labels herself. What matters is the beauty within her eyes.

I tend to believe that being NATURAL is the reflection of being a Queen.

I can say that I am a 23 year old young lady who has never dyed my hair, got fake nails, or better yet marked my body. I want to be a natural Queen even after my King arrives. Disregard the waiting process for my king to finally find me; being a Queen never hurts.

Every woman has her weakness when becoming a Queen. Mine is dresses. I tend to always have all kinds of dresses. From the Bohemian day look to the Fancy, classy, red carpet starlet.

I tend to do my own make up keeping it simple but making the Arab eyes stand out. I am mix woman which comes with great features. I have the wavy beach hair, curves, and was blessed from both front and back supply.  Not many women are naturally equal; I believe I am blessed.

As for being a dolled up queen, I like to keep it simple yet classy. Modesty is a must no matter what, however I believe a Queens beauty stands out within her eyes.  Doesn't matter how mysterious the eye shadow is, how long is the gown, or how many accessories we carry on our neck; our natural beauty is the ultimate reflection of a Queen!

Top look is a bohemian style by Free People & Foreign Exchange. Bottom look is the Red Carpet Starlet by BCBG.

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