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What does LOVE mean to you?

What does Love mean to you? Does it mean affection, gifts, sex, or just a phrase we tend to say?

Many lovers have different  definitions of what love means or better yet; what should it be.  I see couples saying "I love you" instead of , "Thank you." Or guys telling girls they love the way the look in exchange of sexual favors. What happened to the real meaning of love or is there a real meaning in this generation?

I am very old school I must say. See to me, Love means respect. I was raised that if you love someone, you respect them. I can admit that in my old puppy love days in high school how without respect; my so called relationships did not last no more than two months. Just enough time to have a boyfriend for the next school dance. It was childish and immature but we all know how those days go.

I have learned that without the foundation of respect in a relationship; love wont be pure nor last. Not having respect in relationships can suddenly make the love shi…