Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Is "I love You," used for anything?

When it comes to relationships, for what do we use the phrase, "I love you."  The simple phrase that makes us women melt, our heart skip, or our palms sweaty. Hearing that phrase from the person we want makes us wanted but what about when they use that phrase for everything.

 Sometimes its more meaningful when its least frequently said yet other times, we just want to 
hear it.

What do we want, when it comes from that phrase. Do we want affection, or do we want just sex? Either way, "I love you," isn't as meaningful when its used all the time.

 A guy you like just got you a new pair of Steve Madden shoes, what is your response? "I love you honey, thank you so much!" There you go, " I love you," is constantly being used by women as a replacement for "Thank you."

However "I love you," is being used as a replacement for "I miss you," by men. Since guys are so used to having us women throw ourselves to them when we hear that phrase they figure; why not say it on a frequent basis.

Many times we have forgotten the real meaning of this emotional and meaningful phrase that we just simply say it.

"I love you," he said while she was leaving to  class. She took it as "he loves me," but in reality he meant, "I will miss you." Her heart melted as she heard that phrase but he didn't meant the way she took it. Women tend to believe what men say more before thinking if they actually mean it.

 In other cases, women that have been betrayed in the past tend not to believe "I love you." We questioned that phrase more than anything! Is he serious? Is it a game, or better yet; is he trying to take me to bed?
Pretty much if a guy says, "I love you," than he needs to prove it but if he never proved it, than we where just another game. Women that have been betrayed in the past by previous relationships don't believe that famous phrase. We tend to think the guy is full of it or better yet we might just be another number.

Either way, we don't believe what they say and sometimes when we finally let our wall down, and we give in; it turns out they never meant it. They pretty much meant, "I miss you."

 In other cases women have left to question what the real meaning of, " I love you," really is. Is it when our heart skips, or when he bends to my level to kiss me goodbye. From past experiences I must say; if his palms don't get sweaty when he is with you, then he probably doesn't feel the same way.

There has been times when we have been fooled with the phrase and when we tell men we love them back they come across with, "I don't feel that way, or better yet, I didn't mean it that way!"

 Men need to use the phrase the way they mean it without giving mixed signals to the women who care for them. Saying "I love you," might get you lucky but it can only go on for so long before anyone gets hurt.

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