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Do I Taste like Pepsi Cola?

When it comes to music, do we  really put attention to the lyrics of what we are singin? I have sometimes catch myself repeating the lyrics of something that sounds a little exotic I must say.

"My Pussy taste like Pepsi cola." I kept repeating while I continued to ignore the lyrics until a guy walking next to me started laughing. I did not realize what I was saying until someone else brought it to my attention.

Apparently I was singing out loud on my way to class, "Come on baby, lets ride." I tend to always have my headphones on while I make my morning routine to class. "I know your wife; she wouldn't mind, we made it out to the other side... come one, come on!" I continued to sing while a few students kept looking at me. After having a few guys smiling at me with the bedroom eyes, I realized I had been singing a sexual song out loud. I diffidently made a great impression with my classmates while I continued to repeat the chorus.

I was carried away by the seductive sound of the melody of Lana's voice. I must admit I got carried away thinking my pussy tasted like pepsi cola and did not realize I was letting the guys on my campus now what I taste like.

Her lyrics are pretty seductive while she continues singing how she is having an affair with an older man because she taste better than his wife. I was shocked to know I had been singing out loud how I was having an affair with an older man. Oh God!

I am a huge fan of Lana Del Rey who is a raising singer has original music. Her music tends to have a retro, oldies, pop twist with original lyrics. I have a few off her songs but never did I thought this one was going to make me sing out loud. "My pussy taste like Pepsi Cola."

After continuously singing how I apparently taste like Pepsi Cola, now I am begging to wonder.  Ladies I must say, I highly recommend this song. I do not approve of the message haha but the lyrics are quite sexual and as I continued to sing along;  I imagined giving a  sexy lad dance.

Do I taste like Pepsi Cola? I think I will leave that to the imagination, however on the mean time ladies; enjoy Lana's lyrics, I know I did.


                                                  Enjoy the lyrics, I know I did!:)


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