Sunday, May 12, 2013

She was wearing a short dress

When it comes to Sexual Assaults; how do we defend ourselves?

I had never been sexually assaulted until last night. It was unfortunate but it happened. Sometimes, things happen when we least expect it.

Last night I went out with my ladies, typical ladies night in Tower District in Fresno,CA. I was  raised with Middle Eastern traditions and I have a tendency to dress with modesty however, I am partly  Latina so I have to show off my legs. I wore a short purple dress. It was very modest I  must say. It was  long sleeve, and covered my cleavage. I never thought that wearing that dress was going to get me in trouble.

Through the night, I danced with my ladies, had our  VIP section, and like always get free drinks. The perks of being a lady; a modest lady. I have a tendency of dressing sexy but classy when I go out. It always works for me when it comes to the night life. I like to seduce men with my Arab eyes, and I did last night. I admit I was a little under the influence but maintained my standards and values throughout the night.

Made a few new friends, gained more Instagram followers, and had unlimited drinks. It was a great night but everything went down hill when we left the lounge....

We were walking back to our car when out of nowhere someone grabbed my ass. They took a pretty good hand full. I wasn't expecting that at all! Of course I snapped and the wild beast in me came out.

"Who grabbed my ass!" I continued to yelled out loud as a saw a crew of guys walking past me. They all laughed and a few whistled at me. The criminal confessed when he saw me continuously asking every guy if they knew who did it.

"I did and I would grab it again." He admitted as he tried to escape my rage and cross the street. I was raised that NO MAN ever gets aways with disrespecting a woman. My rage came out. Blame it on the alcohol! I walked up to him and slapped him in front of everyone. Some guys laughed at him while I walked away.

My friends change our routes to our car since we all had parked at the same parking lot with that asshole. I must admit my had was hurting from the hard slap I gave him. As I continued to walk to my car, he came back and did it again. I was pretty mad that he felt he had the right to disrespect me once more.

"You don't disrespect a middle eastern woman!" I said out loud as I walked up to him and slapped him once more. I noticed he smiled after every slap which made me wonder if he liked it? Maybe that was his fetish?! Either way he did it again. This time we where all in the parking lot and he chased me and grabbed my boobs. I exploded and slap him twice, punch him, and busted him lip.

I was furious that he had sexually assaulted me in front of everyone and had no shame.

All hell broke loosed when his friends began to argue with my friends. My boys where trying to protect me while his group was trying to fight us. I had never been in a fight with men but I wasn't going to let no guy walk away without learning their lesson.

While the royal rumble continued; the police showed up. I froze and said out loud to my friends, "Please don't call my mom if I get arrested!"

The police asked me what hapened since I had some blood in my hand. I told the officers I had been sexually assaulted and I hit the guy in my defence . The officers arrested the asshole but a few of my friends who where protecting me also got arrested from public intoxication.

The asshole told the officers, "She was wearing a short dress, I had to grab her ass!"
He justified my outfit as an excuse for his actions but it did not work.

Justice was made but I must admit; I would off being devastated if I got arrested and my mother found out on Mothers Day.

Lesson learned, next time a guy grabs your ass; only slap him once and walk away. I think he will remember me since I made sure to leave my hand print on his face. I am sure he will think twice before grabbing another woman's ass just because, "She was wearing a short dress."

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