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Freedom is around the corner

Hello fellow students guess what; Freedom is around the corner.

Many of us are ending the headache of finals and gathering out summer plans with out favorite spots. I must say, I know I am thrilled for FREEDOM!

Many of us that live in the heated, sticky town of Fresno, CA cant wait to wear our bikinis and splash in the pool. I happen to be one of them. I must say I just added a new bikini to my collection. I have a bikini for every other day of the week. The beauty of being a girl.

Another great fact about summer break is that we can sleep inn! I had classes all day long and the latest I ever slept inn was 8:30 A.M. I know, I am lame.

Road trips, camping,  lake parties, beach gateways, & clubbing all sound like a great time.

I do not mean to sound like a party animal but during summer break; my She Wolf is unleashed.

This semester I gained a lot of knowledge from the broadcasting program I am inn. I got offered to host a few local fashion shows and do on screen interviews with local artist. Working hard pays off I must say. I got offered to go  to Hawaii in July to work for one week with all expenses paid. I will be hosting a music festival out there and its an epic experience. I am so blessed that I got offered new opportunities and grew as a confident woman in front of the camera.

The downside about summer break is that it only last few months but that's enough to enjoy my freedom.

I have one more year left in Fresno City College and looking into transferring into UCLA for their Television writers and film program next Spring semester.

I guess I can say it; Fresno this is my last summer break and then Hello Hollywood.

To the rest of my educated friends, cheers to summer break and to those who are entering the beauty of college; good luck, you can do it!


  1. Cheers to the summer! :) can't wait to go camping girlfriend <3 xoxo

    1. Yes my Dear, one more week and we will explore the outdoors!xoxo


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