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Arab women with Rebellion

When you hear the terms Arab women and Rebellion, whats the first thing that comes to mind? Trouble in the Middle East right?

I must say, not all Arabs are terrorist or trouble makers but if we have to rebel towards our rights, why not. I do not live in the Middle East but coming from such back ground, I am rebelling against my culture by working in the media industry. My Arab family is ashamed and some what proud of my accomplishments at my age. I have been told that I will never find a great Arab man who will want a woman who is desired by the media audience because in his eyes; I live in Haram!

Lets be honest, everyone is a sinner in some kind of way. No one is HOLY and if they claim they are then they are ignorants!

I am an Arab woman who lives with Rebellion because despite the rules, and criticism; I will continue my career as a producer and talent. Yes, Hollywood comes with temptation but in reality; what doesn't these days. I do not wear my Hijab all the time, nor cover my…

The love of my Father

First of all I will like to wish a Happy Fathers Day to all the Fathers who are there for their children and for those to take care of the ones that love them as if they were their own. Congratulations.

I grew up with my fathers absence due to a few parental issues while I was developing into a young lady. Disregard the absence, I never doubted the love of my father. I used to see him once a year since I grew up in different countries and hours away while he stayed in San Francisco. Weekly phone conversations and typical, "I love you my little princess," quotes from my father helped me through the rough childhood I had growing away from my fathers presence.

Even with the  distance, he was still there in spirit. He has been the man in my life and the one man that will always be the love of my life. I am proud to not only be his Little Princess but also his youngest child. I believe the distance we had while I developed into becoming a woman helped me grow into my fathers lov…

Mixed Signals

When it comes to getting to know someone we like, do we get mixed signals?

I know I had a few mixed signals in the past.  From the typical, "I like you", to the "Lets just be friends", quotes. Honestly it sucks to like someone yet they turn you down for whatever reason but at the end, only God knows your love story.

 Lets face it, everyone gets mixed signals. Women are as guilty as men are. I know I had given a few guys  mixed signals but at the end, its all a strategy. I like you, or I am not that into you! The more we know of the person we share chemistry defines what kind of signal we send them.

The ladies signal strategy...

Ok guys here it goes so put attention. We don't want to have a friend with benefits unless we want to feel like sluts from time to time. If we want you, we will send the signal of desire for a relationship. What I mean with that is how we will suggest you meeting the family, going on a romantic date, (not the movies) and
seeing you on a …

Thirsty Men

When it comes to thirsty "men", how thirsty can they get?

I know this summer is hot but there is a ridiculous amount of THIRSTY men out there. I am beginning to think there is a Thirsty Men Apocalypse coming our way. It is really hard to find a gentleman, sweet guy, or a man with class. I came with a few categories of a few guys that have been extremely thirsty with me in the past and a few stories some of my girlfriends had shared with me.

Thirsty guys go by categories...

The horny guy at the bar. He tries to strike a conversation while your at the bar trying to order your drink, yet he won't buy the drink. That's a broke thirsty nigga. They think because they sweet talk and undress us with their eyes; we will easy got home with them that night.The social media thirsty guy. Just because he comments with compliments and likes the pictures doesn't mean we will fall for him. Its all a social media game to get laid. Filters can fool everyone and in this case; they h…