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Single in the City

When it comes to our college lifestyle do we prefer to be; Single in the City?

Most city college students are dedicated to their education but there is always a few love birds flying through our campus. When we see them, do we get sad or shake our head thinking, "They don't know better."

College is considered one of the best years of our lives. Many individuals wished they could off gone to college or better yet; focused when they where attending. Many of us live in the library working on the next assignment while others hunt for an educated individual to take out for a date.
I have been one of the victims in the past who had been caught by a group of college fisherman. The first thing they ask is if I am single or better yet, available. I usually laugh and respond with, "Are you trying to get your education or are you trying to get laid?" Their reaction has been, "I want an educated woman or better yet, I want to try an educated woman." Either way; I usually blow them off by making my point that I prefer to be Single in the City!

I have seen it, heard about it, and lived it. Many guys here and in some cases female students come to college to find their match. They forget the principles of the main purpose of college and sometimes they attend for the wrong reasons. I have noticed that students who prefer to be single in the city are most likely to succeed with their educational goals. They have their full attention on their education without the relationship drama or heartache. I don't mean to say that all relationships can have drama but lets be real; they usually do!

In other cases, there are students that are married to their education hoping to one day give birth to their career but if the right significant other comes along, they wouldn't mind cheating. I can say, I am one of them. I have been invited to many dates but I haven't found the right individual who is worth me cheating for. Once an educated young woman has standards, its thought to find a man who can qualify unless he has similar values.

Most men tend to find an educated woman very attractive. Its always a compliment to hear when men or women think being smart, educated, driven, is sexy or extremely attractive. Beauty and brains, that's what they usually say. I tend to agree. I have meet a few men who are intelligent, driven, educated, and that's always attractive.

However at the moment there is no harm in being single in the city. Being single in the city can be sometimes lonely for those who miss the affection of a partner or rewarding. What I mean with rewarding is on how we prefer to focus on our education and when we least expect it, that significant other who will make our heart skip will come along. I believe in the theory that being educated in attractive. I don't mind being single in the city as long as I finish my educational goals and like many others, one day we might find someone worth cheating for.


  1. Totally agree but you find some women that once they are finished with their education they want the man to be done as well which is hard in my case because working in the IT field you are always in a book or class trying to learn what is out so you can stay on top of what's coming out in the industry. The women can't handle the lack of constant attention so I'm single in the city until I can find someone worth cheating for.


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