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The Pleasing Game

When being intimate, do women always have to please the guy?
Why cant the pleasing game be for both? I know I want that in my book.

Many women are feed by articles from the media regarding how to please a men or better yet; why!

Well hello Cosmopolitan magazine; you have been my Bible for sinful thoughts and ideas about intimacy but why can we get an article where the guy pleases US!

Every month, Cosmopolitan magazine has articles on how to please the guy. Articles such as "The best position", "What turns him on", and "Epic level to please him".

Why cant we have an article on "Make her happy, eat her out", or "How to reach her climax".
 Now I don't mean to sound like a perverted college gal but lets be honest, don't we want to get please too?

Intimacy is about that connection a couple has and the dynamite they can have together. Well that's my understanding of intimacy but the media has made it seem like intimacy is only about the  male getting pleased by what the women does to him.

Hey guys, we also want to get please you know.

Intimacy is not about just giving you a blow job and making you feel good but its also for us women to climax in a different way.

I dislike the way magazines only mention how we as women have to please men. We have to wear this, blow that, or position in that way. Why can't we also get please like they are demanded? I mean at the end of the day, if its not by what we do to them during intimacy; they wont be please. So guys please exchange the favor; you know what I mean.


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