Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Fooled by a filter

How many filters did it take for you to realize, they are not the person you imagine after all?

Many people in our technological generation, are fooled by the media when it comes to dating. Some of us used Facebook, My Space, E harmony, but the newest dating site is; Instagram.

 This new dating site is used for the purpose of updating pictures by using filters. Not much of messaging like other media resources do but a picture can say a thousand words.

In this case, a picture can say a thousand likes, comments, and in some cases; dates.
Instagram, the new social networking that allows you to follow, like, and  comment on anyone's picture. Many picture we post can be filtered with one that makes our pictures, the most popular.

I have seen how one picture can make someone want you but when its filtered to its best; they desire you! Some followers are blunt, some are demanding, and some are romantic with the comments they post on your picture.

In some cases, a comment has become a text, a date, or to a few some followers; a relationship.

 I have meet a few couples who have meet through Instagram, however also a few  who where disappointed by the filters wishing the sexy lady they like from that picture looked the same with the Hudson filter.

 I have seen both sides;  the normal and filtered  person. I have actually meet a few of my Instagram followers. Some I maintained as a great friends and others have been dates.  I must say; some look better in person. What I mean with this is that no matter which filter they might have used in the past; they still look great. In other cases, hmm well I wished they didn't always used the X-Pro II filter in every picture. Lets just say, they where not the same in person. Its true, a picture can really say a thousand words but with filters its more like a million.

A few of my lady friends exaggerated when it came to their filter selection. Yes; they fooled the poor  guys. I have a few guy friends who complained on how they where fooled by the filters and how they cant seem to get over the fact that the lady they where head over heels on Instagram was a major disappointment in person.

 I shake my head and think, "Its Instagram. Better yet if the picture is used by a darker filter, of course it will make her look better."

 From my personal perspective, guys love it natural. A filter can always help if you really want to impress your followers but also ruined your reputation. I tend to keep my pictures natural. Most of them are used by Amaro, its the natural filter that brings more light in the background. I must say, if you get more than 50 likes on the picture its because it works. Guys love a natural woman specially if all they know of her is pictures at the moment.

Also for the guys, I know you all want to show off those new abs and have the ladies double like your picture but you don't need to use filters; we like it natural. Just saying guys.  The beauty of meeting people through pictures without exaggerating the filters.

 I must say if you really want to impress someone with a picture through Instagram, keep it natural. You will still get more likes, comments, and maybe a few numbers!

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