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What does "Dating", really mean?

Every  generation is different when it comes to dating. There are so many different meanings to the term or what others see as a label.

       To the old school traditional single birds, dating means taking the time to know someone, develop a relationship, and the intimacy. In our generation, dating means having sex first, then you get to know the person, and eventually meet the parents;  only if you both come to an agreement on dating in a relationship. In other words, we take the car for a test drive before singing the lease.
     We forget the values our parents have endorsed when it comes to having respect on dating someone. From opening the door of the car, to holding  hands, or asking for permission on taking someone on a date. Now we don't ask for permission but sometimes wont even come home until the next morning from our date. We do not even have gentlemen opening our doors but unzipping our jeans, and we no longer hold hands but have their hands caress our ass whi…