Friday, May 17, 2013

Dressing for opportunities

When going out to events; do we dress for an opportunity?

I was raised that when you leave the house, you must look in the mirror twice.

 I thank my grandparents for raising me with those values that have helped me developed into the woman I am today. As a child, I always wore a dress, polished shoes, and made sure my crazy wavy hair wouldn't cover my face. My grandam always said, "If you want to succeed, you must dress for success."

I have been blessed this year with different opportunities all over the country in my career. Part of the reason for my success if not only being passionate about broadcasting and journalism but also the way I carry myself with my wardrove. I am a strong believer that dressing for opportunities can help you succeed down the road.

 "I am bohemian by day, fancy by night. I always make sure the way I dress makes a statement. When I walk down the road, I don't just want to break necks but to be known that I am driven woman."

Last night I had the pleasure to be invited to an event in my current town of Fresno,CA. It was the launch party for Central California's Family First Magazine. I was their beat reporter for their second show and was dressed for the occasion. I wore a long turquoise dress that had seductive slits on both side of my legs. It was a "Sexy and Classy," outfit.

Through the night not only did I break necks but was also approached for business opportunities. I was blessed to have a modeling offer by an upcoming Couture clothing line. I will model their clothing and be on their online catalog. I have never considered to model since I am very petite and do not qualify the "requirements", but I never hurts to try something new.

Occasions like last night made me realize that the values my grandparents influenced in me are helping me as a woman.

Either way, I can be dress with my bohemian maxi dress, hair down, natural make up or dolled  up in a fancy gown with smoky eyes one thing is for sure; I am dressing for opportunities.

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