Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Thirsty Men

When it comes to thirsty "men", how thirsty can they get?

I know this summer is hot but there is a ridiculous amount of THIRSTY men out there. I am beginning to think there is a Thirsty Men Apocalypse coming our way. It is really hard to find a gentleman, sweet guy, or a man with class. I came with a few categories of a few guys that have been extremely thirsty with me in the past and a few stories some of my girlfriends had shared with me.

Thirsty guys go by categories...

  1. The horny guy at the bar. He tries to strike a conversation while your at the bar trying to order your drink, yet he won't buy the drink. That's a broke thirsty nigga. They think because they sweet talk and undress us with their eyes; we will easy got home with them that night.
  2. The social media thirsty guy. Just because he comments with compliments and likes the pictures doesn't mean we will fall for him. Its all a social media game to get laid. Filters can fool everyone and in this case; they had tried. Hey guys, just because one filter makes you look good, that doesn't mean we want you. Liking your picture does not mean we want the D!
  3. The hungry thirsty guy. This is the funniest yet most embarrassing category. This guy will sweet talk you into a date and make you feel wanted. Usually women agree after multiple tries from the guy to have a dinner date. Once you agree to go out for dinner and "chemistry" flows through the table...they begin to add up on drinks. The waitress arrives with the check and says, "No Pressure." Since this guy is hungry thirsty, he will pretend he Forgot his wallet and apologize. He expects you to pay the $60+ tab. I had been in that situation and in my case, I walked away and never looked back. Guys like that think that women they target have a career or job; doesn't mean we will pay!
  4. The thirsty ex. Sometimes Ex boyfriends or guys we had a little fling in the past become thirsty. After months of not communicating they finally text on how much they miss our smile and blah blah blah. He continues to bring up memory lane and try to spark up the burnt ashes from the past. My conclusion is this; if your ex is messaging you everyday is because he cant find anyone better than you and wants another chance. Like I said, "Any woman before is a mistake and any after is a downgrade!"
  5. The Fake Ass Thirsty Nigga. Now this one is the worst categories of all. This type of guys should have a sing on their forehead to warn women. Just like sex offenders have them, well so should these type of guys. The Fake Ass Thirsty Nigga is the guy who will sweet talk a woman until they feel like they are the only one. They will constantly be romantic and talk about having a future with her. He puts on a show that could be possibly viewed in Showtime. After she is head over heels and helps him in any matter (shelter, financially, etc.) but he was just using her to his benefit. In other terms he did an "All on a Bitch", move. Guys like these disgust me. They have no manners, class, and ambition in life. They live off their victims who are women that truly loved them. After they use women to their benefit, their true colors come out and become demons! The were fake the entire time through the relationship because they where thirsty to have goods.
Either category, they are still thirsty guys who want to use a woman in any way they desire. My advice to all my ladies is to be wise, clever, and stop any thirsty guy that is trying to approach you. Real Gentlemen are rare to find but thirsty guys are everywhere; beware!


  1. This post is so amusing lol I didn't know all these thirsty men existed! haha Great scenarios you talk about. But the sad thing is, it's very true!

    1. I know babes, I knew it was a topic that needed to be touched. Its embarrassing how our generation has a high amount of thirsty guys. I know most women can relate to at least one scenario. Did you read it to Jason? lol


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