Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Arab women with Rebellion

When you hear the terms Arab women and Rebellion, whats the first thing that comes to mind? Trouble in the Middle East right?

I must say, not all Arabs are terrorist or trouble makers but if we have to rebel towards our rights, why not. I do not live in the Middle East but coming from such back ground, I am rebelling against my culture by working in the media industry. My Arab family is ashamed and some what proud of my accomplishments at my age. I have been told that I will never find a great Arab man who will want a woman who is desired by the media audience because in his eyes; I live in Haram!

Lets be honest, everyone is a sinner in some kind of way. No one is HOLY and if they claim they are then they are ignorants!

I am an Arab woman who lives with Rebellion because despite the rules, and criticism; I will continue my career as a producer and talent. Yes, Hollywood comes with temptation but in reality; what doesn't these days. I do not wear my Hijab all the time, nor cover my entire body but I always keep modesty. I was raised with both Middle Eastern and Hispanic values as a woman. I know what is wrong and what can cause harm. Either way, its my body and I can rebel to which ever rule I break in my own terms.

There is a role model in the industry who I highly respect. She is known for her controversial music videos that make and impact in the Arab community. M.I.A. stands for "Missing In Action".  She is a young female artist who was born in England but has Middle Eastern and Sri Lankan origins. One of her latest music videos caught my attention on her rebellion.  "Bad Girls," is an interesting song. She targets the governments issues in most of her songs but this one is about women's rights to drive in Saudi Arabia. I must say, this music video is very controversial with the wardrobe, ethics, and scenes of women rebelling to drive in the Middle East. I actually enjoyed this music video. It was very bold to film in forbidden territory and how the women performed.

I want to direct more music videos and artist like her inspire me to take risk when filming. I have a few controversial scripts that will make me the "Queen of Haram," but life is all about taking risk.  I believe Arab women with rebellion don't cause harm but defiantly can cause Haram.

This is apparently  my Rebellion as an Arab woman. I do wear partly my Hijab but when its studio time, I have to dress like its asked as long as I am comfortable. At the end of the day; doesn't matter what I do, I am still considered a sinner so might as well focus in my career.

This was the M.I.A. video I was referring too. Enjoy everyone.

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