Saturday, June 8, 2013

Mixed Signals

When it comes to getting to know someone we like, do we get mixed signals?

I know I had a few mixed signals in the past.  From the typical, "I like you", to the "Lets just be friends", quotes. Honestly it sucks to like someone yet they turn you down for whatever reason but at the end, only God knows your love story.

 Lets face it, everyone gets mixed signals. Women are as guilty as men are. I know I had given a few guys  mixed signals but at the end, its all a strategy. I like you, or I am not that into you! The more we know of the person we share chemistry defines what kind of signal we send them.

The ladies signal strategy...

Ok guys here it goes so put attention. We don't want to have a friend with benefits unless we want to feel like sluts from time to time. If we want you, we will send the signal of desire for a relationship. What I mean with that is how we will suggest you meeting the family, going on a romantic date, (not the movies) and
seeing you on a constant basis. After a sexual encounter, women tend to grow an attachment towards the man but if she feels like being a slut, than she pretty much used you.  I had given the signal of desire in the past but unfortunately the guy didn't know how to read it. Women talk and gossip about the signals we send to the candidates. From the typical "I want you"  to the "I need some time alone", signals; they are all part of your strategy.

Hey boys, you want to know if she is not interested? I got a few signals for you. I had been in some occasions bothered by a few thirsty guys who just want someone to bang. I am sorry but I am not a slut and free pussy comes with a price. I had told a few ignorants' that "I am actually a lesbian, have a boyfriend, or he needs to learn how to talk to a lady." I had given that signal to a few desperate guys. Sometimes it works and other times; they don't read the signal. Its a strategy of how mean we sound or how bad do we want to push them away. Its a wrong strategy but if we don't want them, we can 't have them living in a lie.

As far as the guys strategy when it comes to mixed signals, I can't really speak upon it since I am not a guy  but I can tell you what we hate from your game.

We hate how you send the mixed signal that you like us and when you see us feeling mutual chemistry, you leave us. Don't play with our emotions guys! We hate it when you guys constantly text us a "Good morning beautiful, Good night gorgeous, or I miss you sexy." If you mean it than don't stop. It annoying and confusing how you send non stop messages and then out of nowhere disappear. I hate it the most when guys call sending me the signal that they want me but they where just bored and needed someone to entertain them. Women hate questioning men, its the truth!  I can't stand the text mixed signals guys send. I mean if you want her, show her; don't just play with her like a rag doll and leave her in the dust until you feel like playing with her again. Trust me guys, women have a breaking point and after the 2 week mark of you giving us the cold signal; we will delete you number and ignore you. I know that's how me and my girls deal with guys who send those mixed signals.

The social media mixed signal is the most pathetic one. You guys won't talk to us but yet like our pictures on Instagram, retweet our post on Twitter, or Facebook stalk us. If you want to talk to us, you know how to do it since you had done it in the past. Doing stuff like that gives us the signal that you are a Coward or better yet a Pussy who can't man up and talk to us. Just because you left us hanging in the past doesn't mean we will take you back but an apology might help.

By the way don't tell us you love us when you only like us and please don't tell us you want us when you only want to fuck us. There is nothing more hurtful than getting the wrong signal and being used. Just keep it real. Also, please, please, do not test a woman. That is the worst you could ever do.

Yes we are young to get in serious relationships but at the same time we do not want to be someones girlfriend  for a year and then thrown away for the next one. That is not that way we play the game. We want something serious and real.

Yes we are all young and had our guilty shares in playing the mixed signal game, but we know when to stop. Many people in our generation use their mixed signal strategies to see what they can't get out of someone. "You lost the diamond you had in your hands while you where too busy collecting stones!" I used this quote when it comes to this situation. I mean we can all be playing the mixed strategy when we have a diamond in front of us and eventually will loose them because we where too busy sending mixed signals.

Either way, if you like someone, prove it. Don't use your mixed signals strategies because at the end you will end up burned and alone.

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