Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Tequila Shots, Dancing shoes, and no more broken hearts!

Everyone has experience at least 1 major heartbreak by the age of 25, right? I know I had and I actually did not cry.

Not everyone can keep the pain nor swallow the tears but with a few tequila shots, a few dancing nights; we simply learn to dance of the pain of our major heartbreak.

See, I was in a relationship for 4 years. I thought he was the one but after a few major red flags into the 2 year mark, I began to have doubts. I continued our relationship even thought I did not trust him nor he respected me the way he spoke to me but I was afraid to start all over so I settled. I know, that was stupid, but when you are in love you do stupid things!

I was with this person in my mid twenties but I dont regret, if anything I learned. Never give your all to someone unless its YOURSELF!

I am now enjoying life without worrying if someone will get mad for what I said or better yet not have to beg for someones attention or affection.

Life is beautiful when you no longer have to worry about what other people think of you nor worry if they even care. I learned to  care enought about myself to be focused on what I am doing, love myself for what I am worth, and not allow any guy who I sense a red flag come near my heart again.

Just like my father said the other day, "Don't get married or have children till you are over 35." That is not the ordinary advice a father will say but he is right. I am going places with my career and most of the guys who once came upon my path are going home.

Lucky I live in San Francisco, the city of love. I dont intend to fall in love with anyone but I do intend to have plenty of tequila shots, endless dancing hours at a bar with my girls and have devoted myself not to get another broken heart.

 I do not feel the need to be in a relatinoship nor have a title to feel complete because I am complete by myself and I am surrounded by wonderful friends who have become family in the years I have been in San Francisco.

I might of given 4 of the best years of my twenties but the best is yet to come and Life goes on and so does my journey!

Just another night at Make Out Room with my girls.

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