Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Power of the Kitty

This blog might be a little risky, but after many stories I hear on my gossip sessions with my girl friends and study sessions with guys, I think its time to talk about the power of the Kitty (Pussy).

Not many of us want to admit it but the kitty is very powerful in and out of relationships. As a kitty owner I can admit, it has worked in my advantage at times, but  sometimes its high demand can get  annoying. I keep my kitty to myself and do not let anyone try to control on how many times it can go outside and play because its my kitty, not theirs.

Ladies, we all know how many times we had used our kitties to our advantage, right? No shame, but we are playing smart. We do not have to let everyone pet our kitty or try to take it out on a walk. Its ours! We have control. Yes, there might be a few friendly potential pet owners who might be qualified but at the end of the day, its our choice if we want to let the kitty out and play.

I have heard, seen, and in some cases been in situations where the power of the kitty can be very powerful. Not every woman has to let the kitty out to play when a hot guy approaches us with a nice set of toys. We have to think twice because it can either be a nice joy ride or a tramp. Many kittens had been blinded by the flashy toys, precious jewels, and muscles the pet owners have but the outcome is embaressment, shame, diseases, or pregnancies. They get carried away playing in the playground of temptation without thinking of the consequences. Their kitty is playing happily without knowing that the dog is ready to attack and hurt them or maybe he just wants to play. On another hand, not all kitty owners go outside to play. There is a few who keep the kitty inn and when its necessary, they become unleashed. No shame one that, however its playing smart with the kitty. Sometimes we have to let her out and play with the dogs, but play carefully because he might be tempted to attack. Kitties have enough power to have a men on their feet doing as they please. From buying gifts, fancy dinners, to a flashy big rock on their finger, some women take advantage of the kitty in them. Its their prerogative to do what they want with the kitty, however sometimes he way they play makes dogs think that all kitties play the same. That's not the case. Each kitty has a mind of its own.

The men perspective in a powerful kitty can be different in many situations but one fact is for sure, they always want to play with her. There is nothing wrong with that, if anything a playful session never hurts, but what kind of games are we playing with the kitty? Are guys playing Hide and Seek, Ring Around the Rosie, or Tag? Either game, either the kitty can win or loose. It all depends how each player plays on their playground and if they are playing safe. I have heard, seen, and been in situations where the kitty can be the reason why the dog wants to come out and play, but also had been attacked by the dog without ever thinking they will hurt me. Not all dogs are the same, yet not all kittens are either. Its depends on the pet owner more than the animal instinct. I have heard how some guys are used by the kitty with material possessions. The kitty controls them, yet the guy is so blinded by the desire to play that he does as she pleases. They do not think in the long run consequences of playing in the rain. Its a matter of thinking of  the outcome if it is worth playing in the rain with the kitty or what kind of game we want to play. Yes, the kitty can be in a guys mind every second, but it doesn't mean every kitty will allow him to come and play. Some might be easier, yet some might be hard to get. It all depends on the owner and if its worth the games.  I had guys who offer a great game, a beautiful playground, but that doesn't mean I will allow him to play immediately. Unfortunanlty there has been a few ladies who unleash the kitty within minutes and give the rest of us a bad reputation. Hey guys, not all women will let the kitty out on the first date, yet not all guys want to pet the kitty on a first date. The power of the kitty should be of getting to know the owner first before trying to play with her first.

At the end of the day, the power of the Kitty is powerful. Women think about how they can use their power while men want to play with her. Not everyone has the same mentality but the majority does. They think of kitty, kitty, meow, meow, come and play another round! I know its silly but how many times haven't we had that thought? Guilty! I know I had. There is not shame on how we use the power of the kitty or how the guy wants to play with it, but one thing is for sure; The kitty is powerful because its in our thoughts most of the time.


  1. "Not all dogs are the same, yet not all kittens are either." Real Talk!

  2. I AGREE! Thank you for reading my blog.

  3. Haa love this one what a creative kitty you are


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