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A Life Changing Summer

Summer time is all about the sun kissed beach days, pool parties with floating flamingos, and camp trips with the family but for me; Summer time was tragic!

My summer started like any other,  filled with plans to visit my family and have fun under the sun but things took a tragic turn towards the end.

The sunny summer I was living became a thunder storm as I received the worst Direct Message anyone could open via Instagram. It was my best friends little sister informing me that Gaby, whom I  loved like a sister had passed away that morning!

I immediately thought it was a bad joke but my sky became dark and heavy as the thunder of truth arrived with the terrible news.

Just like any storm, lighting stroked me as I answered the call that changed my life forever!

Gabys mother, Myra was crying which such devastation that when she said, "Gaby passed away mija", I couldn't say anything other than, "No, no no! This is not happening!"

I was in denial but hearing her mothers devastation, I realized this was true and she was gone.

My summer was no longer sunny with breezy skies but it became dark and wet from all the crying I had done.

Even though I  got sun kissed in Rio and walked under the rain in Buenos Aires, deep inside; I was hurting really bad.

Its been a rough two months since Gaby passed away and just when I thought my wound was starting to close, I ripped open again.

My  career mentor, Ken, passed away exactly 2 months after Gaby. I was in shock. I cried as  I walked the streets of the city they both loved dearly.  I kept telling myself that now they will both be in heaven and are somehow looking after me.

To this day I do not know why God took both of them from my path but I know he has a plan. In the Quran there is a verse that sates that anyone who dies before 40 goes to heaven and I know; they are walking the gates of heaven know.

I remember when Ken called me asking me if I was OK after Gaby's death. Now, he is in heaven with her. I am sure she is showing him heavens playground as they both smile to me down on earth.

Both of them where passionate about the arts and entertainment. They both shared their passions with me and helped me embraced my career even more.

 I will never forget the advice Ken Spalasso gave me. Seeing his dedication for his show, Bay Area HQ and the joy he brought to everyone will always stay with me. He will be greatly missed all across the red carpets and the  press interviews will never be the same without him.

My Gaby Sanchez was the most beautiful flower I knew. Her passion for justice and love for the arts was what drew us closer everyday. I will never forget our sleep overs, sharing our projects, and planing our graduation trips after we walked out of our graduation ceremony with our diplomas.

Both live's where taken so soon and in tragic ways but God only knows why he took them with Him.

To those who are mourning their deaths, just remember; they are smiling from heaven and I am sure they are both playing in Gods playground as we make them proud and share their legacies.

This was a life changing summer but I will always cherish their memories and rejoice in their spirit.

                                                                  Rest In Peace

Gabriela Sanchez Espinoza 
Kenneth R. Spalasso


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