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The Risk Taker

Holiday season is the time where family gathers to eat several plates of turkey or in my family tamales and catch up on their latest achievements or better yet, catch up on the latest chisme,... Right? If you are smiling then you know its true!

For the past 2 years I haven not had an ordinary holiday celebration with my family.  Last year I  thought it was risky to drive to Mexicali, Mexico  from San Francisco to spend the holiday with my grandmother but this year I went over seas all by myself.

I went to Thailand. The land of $2 Pad Thai, fast Tuk Tuk (taxi) rides, and endless exotic temples to admire.

 I was blessed enough to be refereed by a former classmate to a new company named Grabr. My friend Angela  told me how she felt I was perfect for this company. Within 24 hours, I emailed Grabr's Travel Squad manager and not even 2 weeks  since my first interview and I was asked if I could go to Thailand.....ABSOLUTELY!

At first I was hesitant since I have never been alone over seas, specially during the holidays but I made a few arrangements and I took off to Bangkok on Thanksgiving day.

The wait at the airport was  killing me with excitement. I did not even think what would I do once I arrive to Thailand other than I was going there and for free. Yes, I traveled for Free. Thanks Grabr.

The flight was long, almost 19 hours travel time but I took advantage and slept on the flight because I knew that I was not going to get rest once I arrived.

I arrived at 2 am Bangkok's time and I was beyond excited to be there although a bit sticky in my yoga pants due to the humidity.

My cab ride was interesting. The driver was on the opposite side of American cars. As we arrive my hotel I noticed that Bangkok was like the Vegas strip. People walking all night, hookers trying to make their money fast, and city lights that amused my eyes by their colorful designs.

Grabr did an amazing job on making sure I was at a nice resort in which I felt safe even though I could see the lights from the Red Light district down the street. The excitement took over that I didn't care what time it was. I changed to explore the city at its prime time, 3 AM.

I saw the infamous "Lady Boys" trying to get their prey for the night while I ate my fresh pad Thai on the hood of a car across the street. I roamed around the city streets till the sun rise and went back to my room around 6 am to rest for 3 hours before meeting my Grabr shoppers who were excited to received their items.

I was able to meet most of my Grabr's on my first day. Every single person was different. Some where from India, China, and  a few from America who lived in Thailand. They all  had a huge smile when they received their items. Some even hugged me and one of them gave me a ride on his scooter to a temple I wanted to go to. Sadly I wasnt able to go inside the temple since it was closed due to Thailand's kings recent death.

I could see Grabr made a difference in each person including myself. I learned that many people make sacrifices to be where success takes them in life and with Grabr, its easier for them to have a small piece of home from us. Many of them shared how much it meant for them to receive their items and how valuable Grabr is to them.

Even though it was my first trip with Grabr, I could tell I was going to bring happiness to each person one trip at a time.

My two days we short but adventurous. I walked miles through the city, got lost on a alley but found the light when I saw the mango lady who I bought a peeled mango for less than a $1.

I explored all day and night. Walked around town, meet with locals and even took a big risk by going to a club by myself. It was probably not the best idea but I am a risk taker and I kept an eye on my drinks. The DJ played music that came out when I was in middle school (I felt old in there) the drinks weren't strong which was good since I had 4 Long Islands and I was pretty sober.

I continued my second day with 2 hours of sleep. I relaxed at the pool while I meet up with the last few Grabbers who needed to get their items. Each one of them was thrilled and some even invited me to go have dinner at their venues or try cross fit at their gym next time I am in town. Lets say I made great connections with my Bangkok express trip.

My trip was short, adventurous, and tasty. I will never forget taking the wrong turn down the alley with all the brothels while I was looking for food. Walking in the humid rainfall and seeing a elephant walk down the boulevard filled with traffic. It was something I will always cherish in my memories.

I took a risk by going alone but with Grabr, it was possible to explore a new horizon which I truly enjoyed;  Especially by myself.

              This was my first trip with Grabr and I know I have many more to come in which,
                                              "I will leave a smile  one Grab at a time."

My first day of exploring Bangkok with a TukTuk ride.

For more information on Grabr visit


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