Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Broken Flowers

We are the flowers that do not need too much sunlight to shine, water to grow, or oxygen to breathe. We are the flowers that have Hope and Love to flourish our petals into the sky and survive this broken pots' where our roots are meant to grow.

We grow with Hope to be successful even if we have to move to a new garden where the battle for a solid ground starts, the struggle to survive continues, and the nourishments of our life span can be harsh.

We believe that loving our broken petals will help us survive the gray gloomy days. Stay attached to our hearts will help us develop new colors within the season, and loving every obstacle mother nature has for us in favor to survive.

 We are the broken flowers that no one believe will grow into the gorgeous garden we live inn today. We struggled our way into a new garden when we left the broken pots' we had been chosen to grow. We did not fear the challenge but stayed optimistic with every set of sunshine and drop of water to survive this journey.

We are the broken flowers who came from dying gardens who couldn't find any resource to grow but we stayed optimistic and now have conquered a new territory. Some of us were able to find a solid ground were we let our seeds develop into new flowers and others have grown to claim our new garden and grow into their own.

To my flowers, my dearest friends who have taken the risk to change a new foundation to expand our roots and fight for what we want in life. To you, I dedicated this poem. Let your petals reach the sky and your fragrance always remind you of who you truly Are!

My Dearest Flowers
Mercy L. Celentano
Jessica Hinojosa
Johnny P. Vera
Elias Reez
Maria M. Ballesteros
Marisol Lua
Elizabeth Martinez

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