Monday, December 2, 2013

Getting AHEAD

When a woman is getting ahead in life or in business, why do we immediate assume she "Gave Head" to man who has power? Instead of poor judgment or jealousy gossip remarks, maybe we should see the bigger picture; she worked hard to get AHEAD in their success. Whether it was with her education, or education;  she worked hard to get her position and respect in the media industry.

It is hard for a woman to be successful in the media industry without being discriminated. Men will always underestimate us, or expect our legs to be open  in their private office in exchange for an opportunity to get ahead. It might take 5-15 minutes of uncomfterable sex but at the end of the day, your reputation as a woman will be ruined. I am sure he will spread the word within the industry and sooner or later, your legs will be required to be open more than once.

I can relate regarding this issue because, I am a woman in the media industry who has been mistaken by others actions. Instead of men taking my career proposals seriously when we have meetings they are undressing me with their eyes. Not only are they starring at my chest, but do not read my lips because they are too busy fantasizing what they can do to my other lips. Its beyond disrespectful and frustrating. They need to put away their desires and focus on business. I am aware I have a nice cup size but my talent and education does not define the size of my breast or how great I can give you head. That's my business and it wont mix with your business.

 Beauty and brains is a plus, but not all women will use their beauty behind close doors to get somewhere in life. It takes a strong valued woman to say, "Fuck you, I am a lady." Men with power need to value women who are educated and dedicated seriously and not try to take advantage of their passion. I had so many producers, artist, and so called, business men try to be smooth thinking they will get lucky. Just because there was some desperate women out there who gave you head after business hours doesn't mean all of us will. Its beyond disrespectful who some men think with their dick and not their brain.  I mean, how will you feel if someone tried to pull that move on your daughter. I bet you will not appreciate it. I know my father doesn't himself.

To the women out there who are working on a career in the media field such as modeling, acting, broadcasting, or singing; You do not have to open your legs to be successful but work harder for your passion and achieve it within time. A lot of doors will be slammed in your face, but remember one day someone who tried to abuse their power will be knocking on yours when you become beyond successful.

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