Tuesday, August 20, 2013

What does LOVE mean to you?

What does Love mean to you? Does it mean affection, gifts, sex, or just a phrase we tend to say?

Many lovers have different  definitions of what love means or better yet; what should it be.  I see couples saying "I love you" instead of , "Thank you." Or guys telling girls they love the way the look in exchange of sexual favors. What happened to the real meaning of love or is there a real meaning in this generation?

I am very old school I must say. See to me, Love means respect. I was raised that if you love someone, you respect them. I can admit that in my old puppy love days in high school how without respect; my so called relationships did not last no more than two months. Just enough time to have a boyfriend for the next school dance. It was childish and immature but we all know how those days go.

I have learned that without the foundation of respect in a relationship; love wont be pure nor last. Not having respect in relationships can suddenly make the love ship sink deep into the ocean.

My personal definition of love means respecting one another. Respect is by giving my partner their personal space, privacy, and trust. I honestly prefer not dating in town because I want my personal space as well. I prefer long distance relationships; I know how odd. To me distance makes us stronger, grow, and appreciate every second we have with each other. Thats how I am when it comes to relationships. I believe that without any of the respect, trust, and privacy foundations; the relationship will sink deep into the ocean.

Love is not the many times you kiss, gifts you get, or dates you had, but its respect and pure honesty. I admit enjoying long distance relationships at the moment but one day when I tie the knot; every moment will be cherished with my husband. Physical affection is wonderful but not a must. I prefer an open communication and respect.

Love means differently to everyone but I am just basic. Respect me, trust me, encourage me to be a better woman. Thats what love means to me.

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