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Playing With Fireworks

What happened on making your own fireworks'? Do we need some help in that department or maybe a little musical inspiration? Or is it because we are single, busy, or we forgot how to light up the matches and have some fun with a little bit of playful flames. Do we really have to wait till Wednesday or Sunday night to get the matches out to some slow jams from our local radio stations? If you said yes to most of my questions then please take note to the rest of my blog; it might come a little handy to your next firework session.

Sometimes a little musical inspiration might help light up your fireworks that have been in the basement for more than a month, or maybe longer. Yikes! I am not telling you to get freaky or call someone over to help light you up, but to please yourself with some seductive melodies that can help your fire spark just a little. There is nothing wrong with a naughty jam here and there. I mean, there is a reason why artist sing about making fireworks better yet…