Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A New Journey

Life is about taking chances. We tend to take on new journeys as we follow our intuition, heart, or our own desire. Well that has been my story. I made the decision a few months ago to move to San Francisco in search of my career and happiness.

 This journey has made me a stronger woman. I lost a few close friends who weren't supportive on my decision to walk down this journey but in the midst of my loneliness I found new friends. Just like they say, "New city, new friends if your looking for me." Well I still have a wonderful handful of loyal, supportive, and honest friends back home who I keep in touch on a weekly basis. I have my supportive family who now appreciates me more. I guess distance makes others appreciate one another. I have gotten closer with my mother who we always had a rocky journey together.

 I tend to be the Wildflower of the family. The one that grows in the darkness, better yet takes her roots to a new pot while discovering her true colors of her blossoming petals.

Walking alone on this new journey has made me more mature than the young lady I was 4 months ago. I do have family who is supportive but they are within hours away. The one who I though I will see every weekend is always working. My old man. My father. The ladies man who always told me to stay classy and to chase my dreams and not a man. I know better. Even though I actually have seen my father 3 times in the past few months, I know he still cares for me and constantly calls me to see how the Big City is treating me.

This new journey has been a huge eye opening experience for me. Not only have a grown as a woman but also learned more regarding my career. I enrolled at Academy of Arts University as a Motion Picture and Television student with the vision to graduate as a director. Through the semester I fell in love with editing. I know, how nerdy for me. Well I have done directing jobs and after meeting a few professional's I realized that to be a director you do not need to attend film school. I have done a job as a director for a few things and I can always go back and do them but editing....that's my specialty. I am learning how to work with Avid which is one of the hardest but best programs out in the media field. I guess that's part of being a Wildflower, we tend to let our petals grow and they always end up in the opposite direction from what was expected.

I am not a big fan of LA, if anything, I do not like it. Its not because I received a few traffic citations down on Rodeo Drive, but because most of the people there act like they are something. Everything is about SEX, DRUGS, & Being an A List celebrity. That's not me. I am just a Wildflower and I never have enough carbon dioxide in LA.  As an editor, I can live in any part of the world and edit for any production company. I intend on moving over seas one day, and I know I can utilize my editing degree.

Living on my own is nothing new to me. I did it when I lived in Santa Barbara, CA my freshman year of college. It was thought but I survived. Now that I am alone and independent in a much bigger city like San Francisco, I feel confident I can survive any obstacle. Sleepless nights have become my best friend, muni rides  have become my joy ride, and Pier 39 chocolates have become my comfort when times feel rough. I had gotten lonely and missed the voice of a few lost friends, but then I look out the window and se the beautiful blue sea. It reminds me of my purpose, the reason why I, the  Wildflower keep blooming here. My new journey has only began, but I cant wait to continue blossoming until I graduate and move into a new pot of love, hope, and prosperity as my petals continue to grow.

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