Thursday, December 19, 2013

Vanished By Your Thoughts

Why do we doubt a possibility?
Why do we ignore a connection?
What if it could be a beautiful lie, yet we are afraid of giving it a chance?

Life is about taking chances, so why won’t you take my hand?
I opened my heart, although I knew it wasn’t time.
You couldn’t hold my hand, while I crossed the boulevard of hope.
You got lost in your unstable thoughts of who you could be without me.

I crossed the street and left your hand slowly slip off my heart.
It was your unstable thoughts that made me vanish in the clear blue sky.
The ones that made my smile disappear from your hardest times.
You tried to forget my memory, yet every time the wind touched your lips; you remember the first time we kissed.

I became vanished by your thoughts.
The ones that didn’t allow me to come back.
The bitter ones that only let you live a lie, although you somehow fantasized about the times we had.
We live lie when we reject someone we want.
We regret not letting them into our hearts, yet we push them away.
Although I know I left a spark in your mysterious eyes,
 I vanished from your doubtful thoughts.




  1. Nice! Interesting you believe in true love. Some say, most often woman "love doesn't pay the bills". Those individuals obviously have never had true love. Yes they may have been in relationships but never had real love or like many are incapable of really loving, witch can be a scientific predisposition that makes them incapable of loving. But true love can do so much more than just make a mortgage payment or pay a cell phone bill. The world is his or hers who can see it to be a lie and know that lie to be true , has already dealt life it's immortal blow. Good luck to you Gardenia on your move to San Fran. They are lucky to have you. Ohh by the way If i haven't already said to you "Gardenia is an awesome name "

    1. Michael Rosado thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Yes, I agree not many women believe in true love but I do. Its out there and it will come our way when we least expect it. San Francisco has been wonderful, I cannot complain and I found my love here when I wasn't expecting it at all. Thank you for the name compliment, my mother and grandma did me well:)

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