Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Just a Little Poetry

My Name

To older people it represents a song, "Perfume de Gardenia."
To my father it represents the first flower he gave my mother on their first date.
To my mother it represents a strong flower who needs love, light, and water to bloom.
The flower that captivates anyone with her scent.
To me, it was the flower my mother used in her bouquet on her fantasized wedding day.

Growing up everyone close called me YOYE, since no one could say my name correctly.
The mean girls always made fun of my name.
Somehow every time I had a new substitute teacher, they loved my name,
but the mean girls will cover in revenge my hair with spit balls.
Every other month, I had a new hair cut.
While my petals began to develop, I suddenly began to hate my name.
 Once I reached high school and discovered the resemblance of a Gardenia.
My definition of my name changed; She was pure, beautiful, and captivated everyone with her seductive scent.

I believe I represent my name. I am  blooming, strong,  and can overcome any element in life while I am still developing my tender petals.
I do not wish to change my name, if anything, I love it.
Its unique, its captivating, its mysterious, its seductive, its MY NAME.

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